Buying Guide for Cheap Laptops: How to Buy a Cheap Laptop

This guide breakdowns things to look out for when looking to purchase cheap laptops. With the evolution of the modern lifestyle and the growth of technology and communication, the importance of digital devices such as a laptop cannot be overemphasized.

Laptops are vital tools needed for communication and work. They are important gadgets used in modern time to carry out different functions which includes: designing, blogging, programming, video editing and many other functions.

Laptops are also necessary for academic works and projects. They are important for carrying out data analysis, writing and editing essays, sending projects and receiving feedback for work.

Despite the usefulness of these devices and how they can be used to improve productivity at work or in the classroom, laptops are sold at very expensive prices and may be out of budget for some persons interested in having one for work or school.

In this article, we provide a useful guide on what to look out for when getting a good and functional laptop at very affordable prices without compromising on the quality and functionality of the system and its durability.

As it is rampant, there are many cheap laptops available at cheap prices with faulty hardwares and underlying software issues so you should stay away from those and here we provide you on what to look out for when buying a new laptop.

For some people, their reason for looking for a cheaper laptop is not because they earn little. Perhaps it’s that they just want to go for a cheaper one to save money or because they usually don’t need the different features or specs of the more expensive ones. They may just need those systems for very simple functions like typing and editing and not heavy duties like music production or video editing.

However, irrespective of the need, it is important that one goes with the best available laptop in their price range. In the long run this will save you time and cost spent fixing different malfunctioning parts of the laptop.

Below are tips on how to buy a cheap laptop, but before then, it is important to mention that whoever is buying makes up their mind on the features they are looking for in a system.

  1. Consider the purpose of buying the laptop:

It’s not enough that you just find a laptop somewhere that looks nice and neat and jump right into buying it because it is cheap. Note that there are special purpose computers. Now, the big question is, “why do I need a laptop?” Asking oneself this question enables them, or more importantly, guides them to discovering which laptop to settle for, even based on their budget. For instance, if one needs a laptop for their graphic designs, it is important and mostly recommended to settle for computers with high graphics display and processor, else, it’ll utterly become useless. If the purpose of the computer, for instance, is to browse the web, and to chill out through some platforms such as Netflix, etc, then a Chromebook may work. Google-run devices are cheaper than Windows run ones, and Chromebook is Google run. This is because of their OS (Operating System). The Chrome OS is an outstretched version of the Google Chrome Browser, which makes it faster for net surfing and cheaper, too.

Some affordable Chromebooks include Dell Chromebook 13, Acer Chromebook R11, and Acer Chromebook 13, with Dell Chromebook 13 being the best of the alternatives. Recommended features to look up for when picking a Chromebook include: one with 802.11ac WiFi, 4GB RAM (at the least) and an Intel Processor. While Rockchip and ARM processors are usually too weak, the high end Intel Core is a better option.

However, If you decide that a Windows-run computer would be the better option, then you should be ready to make some compromises as you can’t have it all. For instance, while you may be looking for a laptop that is cheap you may find one that is sleek and neat but its battery may not be lasting for a period that you may find comfortable. Or you could find a laptop with a good battery life but has a very slow processing speed.

Just know that you can’t get it all and as such, it is important you are specific with what you are looking out for and then prioritise it above other features while searching for a cheap laptop.

This is more like saying that one can’t get it all when they decide to settle for a cheap Windows-run system. They are usually heavier and larger in size—only a few may be. They are also usually incorporated with preinstalled bloatware.

  1. Consider the Embedded Features:

This is really very important when choosing a good cheap laptop. The feature of the laptop shall determine how useful it turns out, based on the intended purpose for purchasing it. Listed below are a few of the most important features to check out for:

  • Display Resolution:

In the market of cheap laptops, one will very easily always find a display resolution of about 1366×768. This display resolution doesn’t beat modern standards. It’s not even advisable to purchase it, because it’s not as sharp enough. At least, for something nice, one may go for a display resolution of 1920×1080. This resolution is fair enough.

  • An IPS display is more recommended than a mere TN one.

 IPS displays are more colorful, and enable one to read across some unreadable angles, as it opposes its counterpart here. The thing, however, is that an IPS display is more expensive.

  • Type of Processor:

An Intel Core i5 processor is something decent. This processor pretty fits into many uses, and if the purpose of the laptop is just for gaming, a Core i3 processor is a pretty good one, too.

  • The Processor Model

 a U-series model is something fine, really, and it should be considered.

  • Random Access Memory Capacity

The RAM of a computer determines a lot of things that revolve around making the whole operation to be carried on the computer run out smoothly. Always look out for 8GB, but where it is not possible, one may settle for 6GB. 4GB is poor quality, and regrets may arise from using them.

  • Storage Capacity

The amount of information or data one intends to store in their computer determines what storage Capacity they may settle for. It looks like 500GB is the norm, but where it becomes too expensive to purchase, other lesser capacities such as 250GB or 120GB may be obtained, too. It all boils down to how many files would be stored in the computer. Checking for the life of the hard disk is also very important, as it determines, amongst all things, how long it will last.


Apart from getting a good laptop, rather than buying a new laptop at a cheap price that may not meet your different requirements, you can search for a refurbished laptop. Unless you are just focused on a new laptop, a used and refurbished laptop can also meet your expectations and the good thing is that you can get them at very affordable prices and still function with amazing features.

Most refurbished laptops are sold by computer technology businesses or repair persons and they usually have no problems with functionality. They are cleaned up or refurbished and sold at very discounted prices. Also, some of the refurbished laptops come with warranties and are also sold with bonus accessories. Although ensure you’re buying from a reliable seller.

To know a reputable seller or technician selling refurbished cheap laptops is that they will be willing to offer you a warranty that will remove any fear you may have about buying from them. Usually they may also offer a trial period such that if you don’t like the laptop you can return it and get a refund or get another one.

Finally, if your looking for a budget-friendly laptop well we compared multiple retailers to find you the best price on cheap laptops. Below are entry-level laptops that are very reliable and from the big brands meaning their great value for money. Click here for the full range.

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