Best Bone Conduction Headphones Australia Analysis 2022

Looking for the best bone conduction headphones in Australia? We have compared and found that the Shokz OpenRun Pro headphones are what we consider to be the best bone conduction headphones.

Shokz headphones are made for sports and outdoor adventures by creating comfortable wearable headphones. They want to deliver better music experiences for every sports enthusiast. With bone conduction headphones, also known as open-ear headphones, Shokz creates unique products with their patented technology. Their design gives the user the most comfortable fit on the market. Bone conduction headphones are the safest type of headphones. People are always aware of their surroundings as you can still hear the ambient noise around you.

Best Bone Conduction Headphones: Australia Analysis 2022

Shokz OpenRun Pro

  • 【Bud-free comfort】Unlike traditional wireless earphones, bone conduction headphones sit in front of your ears leaving them open. No worries about “hot” ears even running on the hottest days. 29g light weight makes them hardly noticeable.
  • 【Open-ear safety】Whether you are running, cycling, sprinting or hiking, OpenRun Pro wireless sports headphones provides the safest way to listen to music or podcasts, without blocking out your surroundings.
  • 【Premium sound quality with enhanced bass】 With latest 9th generation bone conduction technology, OpenRun Pro ensures you experience every note, beat, and chorus while you exercise. Discover for yourself how we’ve redefined open-ear listening.
  • 【10-hour battery life and Bluetooth V5.1 】Powerful endurance, up to 10 days standby and 5-min quick charge for 1.5 hours usage. Stable wireless connection from Bluetooth V5.1 and dual noise-cancelling technology provides peace of mind for music and calls during work-outs.
  • 【Secure fit & IP55 water-resistant】 With ergonomic design, OpenRun Pro will stay in place even for intense workouts. IP55 rating protect Bluetooth headphone from sweat, splashes and raindrops. Enjoy 2-year hassle-free warranty.

If your looking for a cheaper option the above is the pro version of the OpenRun. The standard OpenRun is a much better option for budget-friendly buyers. Although the battery life is 2 hours less than the pro version at 8 hours whereas the pro version has 10-hour battery life. The pro version has better music quality but on the positive, the standard version has a better IP rating at IP67 compared to the pro at IP55. Both options are waterproof with the stated IP ratings.

Bone Conduction Headphones Complete Guide

Bone conduction headphones allow you to listen to your favorite songs and audiobooks and talk on your smartphone while hearing any external sounds. It is a huge plus for music lovers who cannot imagine their day without their favorite tracks but cannot listen to music in every situation.

With such devices, you can safely drive a car, play sports, lead an active lifestyle, control the environment, and respond in time to requests and warning signals from vehicles. Running, snowboarding or rollerblading, office work, team competitions – all this can be done along with your favorite tracks without leaving the world around you.

How Does Bone Conduction of Sound Work?

There is nothing complicated here. The human auditory system consists of 3 levels: outer, middle, and inner ear. People perceive any sound in 2 ways, with the help of conduction:

  • air – when the sound passes through 2 channels before getting into the third, inner ear;
  • bone – when any squeak, splash, etc. is transmitted directly to the inner ear.

Any hubbub moves not only by air, but the bones of the skull also transmit sound vibrations directly into the ear system. A vivid example is the recording of a voice on a Dictaphone. It will seem that the speech sounds higher than the person himself hears it directly. It is because the bones of the skull conduct low frequencies much better than air, so your own voice sounds deeper and lower.

Bone conduction devices operate differently from conventional in-ear headphones or full-size audio devices. Bone gadgets do not cover the auricle. You can, for example, seamlessly drive a car and answer phone calls, and any external sounds will be heard.

The sound is now not so much heard as felt. It is especially true for bass. Low frequencies are transmitted as vibrations, and music is literally felt by the whole body.

Using Technology: From Beethoven to the Present Day

The deafness of the world-famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven was surprising: how could he create and write great musical compositions? Bone conduction also played a role here. The great composer put various pipes to his head in order to hear the melody.

The technology at the beginning of the 20th century was embodied in hearing aids. And for a long time was used only in the medical field. But progress does not stand still, so bone conduction has become widespread in the following areas:

  • Sports. Regardless of whether this is a team or single competition, you can listen to audio tracks, talk on a mobile gadget, hear others, respond in a timely manner to auto signals, or, for example, coach commands.
  • Diving. Diving underwater, you need to have a connection with the outside world. Bone-conduction-based wireless devices do the job with ease, relaying messages from the surface underwater to the swimmer.
  • Security. You can control the object of observation, be in touch with the commander, and respond in a timely manner to any changes in the environment.

In everyday life, this technology is used with pleasure in the form of headphones, headsets (for example, Shokz OpenRun Pro ), cyclists, tourists, drivers, and just pedestrians. With its help, you can communicate, for example, via Skype in the office and hear what colleagues are talking about. It is a real lifesaver for moms who want to listen to audio tracks but are afraid to miss the baby’s cry. The technology has found fans both among specialists and among ordinary people.

Bone Conduction Headphones: What Are They, and Which Ones to Choose?

Similar devices have a similar design – in the form of a semicircle because they are placed and fixed around the head (behind). There are both wired and wireless devices on the market. On the body of gadgets, there is a button for managing tracks and answering/resetting a phone call. Volume control is also located on the device shell.

How bone conduction headphones work – sound is transmitted by vibration along the temporal bone directly to the inner ear. Devices are left auditory canal 100% open. The sound stream from the outside world does not stop after turning on the melody in audio devices.

Approximate Characteristics of Bone Conduction Headphones:

When choosing such units, you need to consider the following points:

  • Wired or Bluetooth connection. Definitely, the second one is more convenient, especially for active music lovers, but its cost is higher.
  • Moisture and dust protection: Ideally, you need certificates starting from IP55 – so that the units do not suffer from splashes of water, sweat, dust from the road, etc.
  • Autonomy. For urban use, 6 hours is enough; if you go hiking, you should purchase a device that works for 12 or more hours without additional recharging.
  • Dimensions. Such gadgets initially have minimum weight; for fans of mini-devices, “weightless” models with a mass of 36 grams have been developed.
  • Additional chips. There are options to which you can connect other “ears,” thereby increasing autonomy by up to 20 hours.

There is a small minus to such gadgets – in a closed room, in the absence of extraneous sounds, others can hear the melody from the speakers. Manufacturers are doing their best to minimize the problem. There are already devices on sale in which sounds are not audible to passers-by at medium volume.


The bone technology will obviously not stop at headphones, headsets, and other things. At the moment, audio devices with such a device are a godsend for hearing-impaired people. Also, “ears” based on bone conduction appealed to athletes (you are not afraid of moisture, dust, or sweat) and drivers (you can listen to tracks and not violate traffic rules). And for all active users who want to enjoy music regardless of the environment (home, work, the outside).

In conclusion, we hope you found this article helpful in your buying process trying to find the best bone conduction headphones in Australia.

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